RL on Kings of Horror 4-5-16

I admit that I have a definite soft-spot towards retro throwback movies. Wet Hot American Summer, House of the Devil, Dazed and Confused – I love them all. But despite my acknowledged proclivity towards nostalgic films, I can fully confirm that Rabid Love is certifiably great.


Full review here- http://kingsofhorror.com/2016/04/05/review-rabid-love/#comment-1384

RL on Nightmare News Network 3-30-16

If I had to pick my favorite decade for horror, it would have to be the 80s.  Sure, the 80s had some horrible movies like any other decade, but it also had some of horror’s most memorable characters, one-liners, and practical effects.


Full review here- RL on Nightmare News Network

RL on Aliens Just Want Chimichangas 6-18-15

Rabid Love is one of those movies I had never heard of, but stumbled upon while searching for horror movies on Amazon Prime. It was a weird movie. I’m not really sure if anything other than the word “weird” could describe this one. Perhaps the word “trippy”…


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RL on We Shall be Monsters 10-12-14

Not that I need an excuse to watch Horror movies, but it’s October and, to me, that means Horror All the Time. Movies, books, and other, uh, horror things. In the past I used to watch a Horror movie a day all through October. Unfortunately (fortunately?) I don’t have the time to do that anymore so I watch them when I can. Which means the weekends. And this weekend I watched movies aplenty.



RL plugged on ShockTillYou Drop 7-31-13

Indie Horror Rabid Love Gets U.S. Distro   by Ryan Turek


Acort International has recently acquired Rogue Taurus Productions’ Rabid Love for international and US distribution. Distribution plans are currently in consideration which will include a North American DVD on the indie-horror label Midnight Releasing and cable/satellite/internet VOD run as well as being showcased at this year’s 2013 American Film Market.  See the original post here.

RL secures distribution- news broken by DreadCentral! 7-30-13


One indie flick we've had our eyes on for a while now is Rabid Love, and word has come our way that it has scored itself some distribution. For you adventurous folks, Rabid Love is also playing as part of the B-Movie Road Tour!


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Interview with Jessica Sonneborn on Horror Society 7-30-13

Rabid Love in Theaters Now!  SpaceJockeyReviews  7-16-13

Yes, you read that right!  'Rabid Love', the latest film from Paul J. Porter, starring Space Jockey Reviews favorite Hayley Derryberry, is in theaters now!  Read the full article at SpaceJockeyReviews.com!

Official Press Release for the 2013 B Movie Road Tour featuring Rabid Love! 6-7-13

Featured on Igor's Lab, Bloody Disgusting, Dread Central, Monster Island News, The Blood Sprayer, The Moon is a Dead World, and TwitchFilm.com.


The 1950s and 1960s, drive-ins began to spread like wildfire, increasing to more than 4,000 locations. The new sites may have begun as a venue to watch films, but interestingly, the main films that were shown were mostly considered to be B films. Patrons enjoyed them regardless and remained enthralled with what they saw – so much so that the drive-in became a part of American culture where people came together to socialize with each other. It was an experience all of its own making and is today is considered an important part of Americana.


Today there are fewer than 400 drive-ins are currently in operation across the United States.


A movie watched under the stars and while breathing in the fresh air. Audience members could even get out of the car to stretch their legs and still hear and see the movie. The environment provided much more freedom than an indoor theater, and people appreciated the intermissions. It was a magical experience and the memory of childhood drive-ins still linger in many peoples memories.


In an attempted to re-ignite that drive-in passion, Polyscope Media Group LLC. in conjunction with The B Movie Celebration and Avery Battles, are announcing the launch of the 2013 B Movie Road Tour.


The Road tour heads off the first week of July and will initially feature the following line–up


“A Boy And His Dog” – The Classic 1975 black post-apocalyptic comedy from the fertile mind of Harlan Ellison and directed by L.Q. Jones .


“Embedded” – New release, A news reporter and his cameraman embed themselves with a group of hunters before all goes awry, only to find themselves as the hunted. Directed by Michael Bafaro.


“The Giant Spider” – New release, Christopher R. Mihm’s homage to 1950′s creature features.


“Gila!” – New release, The Jim Wynorski remake of the 1959 classic “The Giant Gila Monster”.


“The Lost Empire” – 30th Anniversary tour. In a land in a distant past, three beautiful women, members of a lost tribe, battle a madman with diabolical plans to destroy their “Lost Empire.” Directed by Jim Wynorski.


“Nightbeasts” – New release, A father and son on a weekend hunting trip encounter supernatural horror in the woods. Ably directed by Wes Sullivan and stars Zach Galligan(Gremlins).


“Rabid Love” – New release, Paul J. Porter's ode to the classic horror films of the 1980s, not to be missed!




“Resurrection” – New release, Genetically modified foo begins to slowly turn the population of a small MidWest town mad. Directed by Jeff Burr.


With this lineup, the organizers of the B Movie Road Tour hope to help audiences nation wide re-discover their passion for the B Movie/Drive-in movie experience. As of the date of this release 132 theaters have committed to participating in this years tour including drive-in theaters. And by the way June 6th, 2013 is the 80th Anniversary of the Drive-In Movie Theatre.


For further information visit www.bmovieroadtour.com

RL on Dread Central 6-5-13

Sink Your Teeth into the Trailer for Rabid Love


Dread Central plugs our teaser trailer and has some words of inspiration regarding RL, check out the page here- http://www.dreadcentral.com/news/67364/sink-your-teeth-trailer-rabid-love

RL Cast interview in Max It Magazine 4-30-13

An extensive interview with Paul J. Porter, Hayley Derryberry, Brandon Stacy, Jessica Sonneborn, Hannah Landberg, Megan Hensley, Alexandra Boylan, and Raquel Cantu about their experiences working on the film and other projects they're involved in.


Read the full piece here!

Paul J. Porter and Hayley Derryberry on Geekscape.net podcast 4-18-13

An awesome live podcast with our director and leading lady hosted by our friend Jonathan London of Geekscape.net on the Toadhop Network!


Watch the full video here

Interview with Jessica Sonneborn on Horror Society 4-18-13

Talking With the Dead: 13 Questions with Jessica Sonneborn


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RL featured on Promote Horror 4-18-13

'Rabid Love' is the featured film on PromoteHorror.com again!


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Interview with Hayley and Paul on Horror Society 4-16-13

Talking With the Dead: 13 Questions with Hayley Derryberry and Paul J. Porter


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RL plugged on Horror Society 4-15-13

RL on the front page of the Jetmore Republican for the third time 3-20-13

A little Hollywood hit the small town this past weekend as the premier of 'Rabid Love', a independent feature length Rogue Taurus production shot in Hodgeman County, aired at the Depot Theater and B&B Theaters in Dodge City.


Read the full article here.

RL on the front page of the Jetmore Republican again! 3-6-13

'Rabid Love' comin' to a theater near you... seriously.  by Micheal Thornburg


I always loved the old catch phrase,... "Coming to a theater near you"... it seemed to invoke a sense of travel or an actual effort to get to my locale.


Read the entire story here!

RL in the Dodge City Daily Globe 2-28-13

A new film by writer/director Paul J. Porter will be screened in two Dodge City locations next month.

"Rabid Love," Porter's first feature film, was filmed on location in Hodgeman County last summer.


Read the full article here- RL in the Dodge Globe

Hayley Derryberry on Space Jockey Reviews 2-26-13

Here it is–the interview that has already ignited stars in galaxies beyond our own! Of course, that one-and-only fully-fueled event is launched by none other than–Hayley Derryberry! Here, Hayley talks about her short films Blüm and MyShadow, her latest feature, Rabid Love, as well as hand modeling, androids, and theories about life in the universe beyond Earth…and more! Yes, a well-rounded (or rather elliptical) trip around the solar system and back for sure. Hayley Derryberry is a Space Jockey Reviews favorite any day of the solar calendar, for infinity…and then some! Enjoy!


See the entire post here!

RL featured on Igor's Lab 2-21-13

Here is the teaser trailer to an 80's inspired horror film, RABID LOVE. The film looks really good, the way it was shot, the atmosphere seems there and the acting seems better than the normal indie film. The film does have that 80's feel to it and I am actually looking forward to seeing this film. According to the films website they ion, so hopefully we will get a are in post product new trailer soon (the post trailer is over a year old).


Read the full post here.

RL on HorrorBug  2-16-13

You may have heard of a horror short film by the title of ‘Rabid Love’, which surfaced about a year ago from the young company Rogue Taurus Productions. On March 1st of this year, the feature length version under the same title will be coming at you, the first feature film from Rogue Taurus and director Paul J. Porter who also wrote the script based on a story by Hayley Derryberry. ‘Rabid Love’ is an homage to and the attempt to rejuvenate the classic horror films of the 1980s. The film was shot in the summer of 2012 in Hodgeman County, Kansas. Come inside for the short and more info about ‘Rabid Love’.


Read the full story here

Interview with Lance Ziesch on Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Country Life 9-14-12

Little Hollywood on the Prairie


“A MOVIE IS BEING MADE IN OUR TOWN?!!” was heard a lot this summer in our community. I found it fascinating that any movie would be filmed in our tiny, little town. But with volunteer work, cooperation and organization from the community and hard work from the cast and crew, the Rabid Love movie was completed like other projects our community has undertaken.


Read the complete interview here.

RL on the front page of the Dodge Globe 4-2-12

Soon it will be "Lights, Camera, Action" for the small town of Hanston in Hodgeman County.

An independent film crew will be in the area filming "Rabid Love," a classic horror movie set in 1984.  Why Hanston?  Filmmaker Paul Porter grew up in Iola and has fond memories if visiting his grandmother in Hanston.


"I was thinking about the film, and we'd made tentative plans to film in New Mexico," Porter said in a phone interview last week. "But I kept thinking about my grandma's house in Hanston and wondering if we could shoot the whole film around there. So I got on Google Street View and looked around various locations — and it looked like it would work."


Read the full article here

RL on ThreeIfBySpace 'Classic Horror gets it's Teeth Back' 3-20-12

One thing that can be said about the horror movies of the 80′s is that they scared the crap out of you right? Some still do to this day. Unlike today’s gore-fest style films, the horror movies of the 80′s focused on the tension more then the blood and it kept you on the edge of your seat to the point of wanting to scream even though nothing had happen on the screen. And right at that moment when you let your guard down, they scare you and you jump out of your seat.


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RL featured on Promote Horror 3-19-12

When Heather Ross and her lifelong friends take one final trip out to a cabin in the woods before they go their separate ways after graduating from college, the weekend takes an unexpected turn when people start disappearing. Read the full article here- http://www.promotehorror.com/2012/03/rabid-love.html?m=0

RL on the front page of the Jetmore Republican 3-17-12

Hollywood is coming to Hodgeman County in the summer of 2012 as filmmaker Paul Porter chooses the Hanston and surrounding areas for a location in the shooting of his first feature length film, "Rabid Love".


Porter, a resident of Hollywood, has solid ties to the Hodgeman County area as the great grandson of Veryl 'Doc' and irene Holmes and the grandson of Sheryl Porter, all of Hanston.


Read the full article here- RL in the Jetmore Republican

RL on Horror Society 2-23-12

Rabid Love is set in the early 1980′s; it pays homage to the wildly successful horror films of that era such as ‘An American Werewolf in London’, ‘The Howling’, ‘Grizzly’, ‘Friday the 13th’, ‘Evil Dead’, and countless others. It builds on the tried and true plot of young people in the woods and includes all the critical elements that fans of the genre expect.


Read the full article here

RL on the front page of the Iola Register 2-18-12

When Paul Porter graduated from Iola High School in 1998 he went directly into the Armed Forces.  After two combat tours overseas with the U.S. Marine Corps, he turned his attention to a different battle- making a career for himself as a movie maker.


Read the full article here- RL in the Iola Register

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