Gene the Werewolf


'I've Got the Love'

'The Ballad of Gene'

'Light Me Up'

" of the things that everyone seems to love about Rabid Love is its soundtrack."

- Mike Jones, Horror Society


"The soundtrack was one of the best I've heard in a long time..."

-Erica Land, RL fan


"...some of the most epic music ever in a film."

-Drew Mead, The B Movie Avenger


We are very proud of the amazing artists that provided Rabid Love with a totally 80's rocking soundtrack.  Be sure to check them out online, buy their albums, download their wonderful music, and support them on their respective social media sites!  And look for an official Rabid Love Motion Picture Soundtrack Album soon!!!


In addition to the soundtrack songs, we have a completely original score created by Nick Nielsen just for RL!

Check out Nick's official website at!

Ruby Faith and the Waiting World


'All in the Name of Rock'

'Rat Trap Town'

'Cry Alone'

'White Heat'

The Harmless Doves


'Pardon Line'





(Richard Skowronski/Richard Altman)


'Love Lies Deep'

'Everywhere For Me'

The Clinton-Johnson Band


'If You Love Me'

'He's Loving You'

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