Hann's Town Beer (HTB)

Instead of product placement, we chose to create our own custom products for the film, the most prevalent being HTB.  The fictional brand also exists as a stand alone product that will soon have it's own commercials, website, and will also appear in future Rogue Taurus and partner productions.  We are also in talks with several microbreweries to eventually make HTB a reality!

RL Graphic Novel

A graphic novel version utilizing a combination of screenshots from the movie and various digital illustration techniques will be released in conjunction with the film!  The book will be available in print and digital formats to reach the most diverse audience.

RL Companion Book

A behind-the-scenes movie companion book that features exclusive pictures from set, details of all production design, and stories from the cast and crew that detail every aspect of RL from the initial short film idea to the completed feature- all in a 1984 yearbook style format!

RL on the Web

No modern indie film can exist without a robust online presence- and RL is no different.  We established our social media sites in preproduction and our following continues to grow as fans anticipate the release of the film.


The hashtag #CatchTheVirus has been implemented to tie all social media interactions/mentions together and is a fun way for fans to interact and find RL related content on the web.

Soundtrack Artists

We are lucky to have many great independent music artists on our soundtrack and will be cross-promoting with each of them to access their individual fanbases.


Some of them include Gene the Werewolf, The Harmless Doves, and Racecat.  Be sure to check out our 'Soundtrack' page under the 'Media' menu for links to the album on iTunes, Amazon, and CD Baby!


In addition to the music in the film, we plan to produce and release at least one music video featuring a song on the soundtrack and footage from the film tied in with the bands performance.

Community Support

In addition to our own official online presence, the RL team has been building and maintaining critical relationships with various respected websites, blogs, podcasts, festivals, and individuals online in the indie film/horror communities such as Geekscape.net, Horror Society, ThreeIfBySpace, HorrorBug, PromoteHorror.com, Fangoria, SpaceJockey reviews, Igor's Lab, along with local entities in our area of production (Kansas) with online and print editions of newspapers, four radio stations (including the #1 station in western Ks), and other publicity.


We are also lucky to have a cast and crew that are very active online and promote the project to their individual fans whenever RL has an announcement or update.

Blu-Ray and DVD Special Features

We have created many exclusive videos that will be included on Blu-Ray and DVD discs, with the option of releasing some as special digital content downloads in various forms.


These features include cast/crew commentaries, interviews, behind the scenes featurettes, deleted and extended scenes, the original short film, and other related media covering the entire process of making the film that will be interesting, entertaining and informative to both fans and other filmmakers.

Rabid Love is more than just a movie!  See below to learn all about the various merchandise, tie-ins, transmedia properties, and supplementary material- plus the specialty audiences they each allow us to reach!

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